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We live in a highly automated, clinical world. Many people have grown used to products in a packaged state where each item is exactly the same. Walkley Clogs are hand-made from 100% natural materials and our clog wearers enjoy the unique character of each pair of clogs they own.
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Adult size 3 - 7 3 - 7 3 - 7 3 - 7
Soling Material Shod sole & heel Full rubber sole & heel Iron sole & heel Barewood sole & heel
£125.50 £130.50
Bar Clog This classic style clog is known to the world over as a traditional Women's Clog. Comfortable and hard wearing. Can now be manufactured in almost any colour of leather of your choice. Sometimes used for clog dancing. Various soling options can be attached.
£127.50 £122.50
To order please choose your colour, size and soling option.
soling material
Adult Bar Clogs
Bar style on a higher slip on sole. £114.00