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We live in a highly automated, clinical world. Many people have grown used to products in a packaged state where each item is exactly the same. Walkley Clogs are hand-made from 100% natural materials and our clog wearers enjoy the unique character of each pair of clogs they own.
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If you need any help with measuring or you would like any other information regarding the clogs please either phone or email the clog makers, who will be only too pleased to advise....
Normal thickness socks for shoe and boot clogs.
Ideally bare feet for slip on and sandal clogs
The boot and shoe clogs can tend to be a larger fitting than normal shoe sizes. The slip on and sandal clogs however are about the same fitting as normal shoe sizes. If you are at all uncertain of your size please follow the advice below and post a template of your feet.
Take Templates: To do this whilst standing, place each foot onto a piece of card or paper. Normal thickness socks for the more traditional types of clogs (shoes or boots). Bare feet for sandals and slip on clogs. Ask somebody to draw carefully but tightly around each foot, with the pen upright. With a soft tape measure, take measurements from the floor over the highest part of the foot (instep) back down to the floor. Then same again take a measurement over the toes. Please take extra care with the templates as we manufacture the clogs exactly to the templates provided...
Please note that we manufacture the clogs in a pair, so if you have one foot a different size than the other, or differences in instep etc., we will manufacture to the largest foot. Please contact us if you need more information.
Pen upright
Measuring Toes
Measuring instep.
Finished templates
Please walk around the back, and not reach around.
conversion chart
Walkley Clogs slip on and sandal conversion chart