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We live in a highly automated, clinical world. Many people have grown used to products in a packaged state where each item is exactly the same. Walkley Clogs are hand-made from 100% natural materials and our clog wearers enjoy the unique character of each pair of clogs they own.
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Derby Clog This hard wearing popular boot clog looks great in all colours of leather. Mainly used for outdoor use, such as walking, or working. with the soling material of your choice fitted to the bottom of the clog soles.
Farmers Style Clog The farmers clog comes with a traditional style soling material, (Irons or a full rubber.) The clogs come with half or full watertight tongue, and again can be made out of the colour leather of your choice.
Para Boot Clog consists of nine or eleven eyelets (depending on size). The boots have the added bonus of offering perfect support for your ankle as well as looking very fashionable. An extra piece of leather can be stitched over the toe if preferred.
Reconditioned Para Boot Clog These carefully nourished re-conditioned Para boot clog, are a very popular style. The uppers are old army boots, with the old sole taken off and replaced with a wooden clog sole. A choice of soling is attached to the underside of the clog sole. Mainly in black.
Para Clogs
Boot Clogs.
Brogue Boot The brogue boot styled clog is like the Derby style clog but with an higher back and extra eyelet's. Available in a wide range of colours of leather, and is manufactured with just a hint of broguing.
New Para Boot Clogs We have brand new army boots in that we convert into clogs. Not used but new uppers. For smarter boot wearing. These clogs are available in black.
Sundi Clog The Sundi Clog is a boot style clog, which comes with eyelets on the side of the clog; and an overhanging tongue, which is great for putting bells on. There is a crimping snow flake pattern cut in the surface of the leather, or for a more classic look left plain. Various soling materials can be attached to the bottom of the clogs
Derby boots clogs on a higher heel sole Traditional and modern combined. These beautiful derby boot clogs manufactured onto a slip on sole. A crepe durable sole attached to the bottom of the woods.