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We live in a highly automated, clinical world. Many people have grown used to products in a packaged state where each item is exactly the same. Walkley Clogs are hand-made from 100% natural materials and our clog wearers enjoy the unique character of each pair of clogs they own.
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Soling Options To order extra sets of soling material please see prices below: Shod Sole & Heel Soles £10.00 Heels £6.50 Full set £16.50 Fitting £2.00 Total £18.50 Iron Sole & Heel Soles £15.00 Heels £9.00 Full set £24.00 Fitting £4.00 Total £28.00 Rubber Sole & Heel Soles £18.00 Heels £ 10.00 Full set £28.00 Fitting £6.00 Total £34.00 Toe Tins £6.00 a pair, fitted free.
shoe/clog size please
Rubber Heels
shoe/clog size please
iron soles and heels
shoe/clog size please