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We live in a highly automated, clinical world. Many people have grown used to products in a packaged state where each item is exactly the same. Walkley Clogs are hand-made from 100% natural materials and our clog wearers enjoy the unique character of each pair of clogs they own.
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Walkey Clogs is proud to keep the old traditional styles and over the years has manufactured many more styles that fit in with today’s markets. Most years Walkley Clogs are seen on the cat walks, and every year work with budding fashion designers who always have their own ideas on clog design. Today Walkley clogs manufactures a wide range of styles of clogs which include wooden sandals and slip-ons and various types of boots and shoes in a good selection of colours. The uppers used are mainly leather but also a non leather clog can be manufactured if required. The company also produces a lovely range of children’s clogs styles and supplies clog dance teams in the UK with dancing clogs. Walkley clogs produces 40 styles plus and offers to make up custom made clogs in any style and any colour we have. .
History of Walkley Clogs
Walkley Clogs is a clog factory where the great British clog is manufactured in its entirety. The company was started by Frank Walkley in 1946. The main styles manufactured at that time were the Safety boot clog, Derby, Gibson and the Bar clog. With slipon styles being produced much later. In 1978 Frank Walkley bought out the famous Maude clog sole works in Hebden Bridge, a company that at its hey day had over 100 employees that turned nothing but clog soles! Walkey Clogs still uses the old machines for turning the wooden clog soles, and manufacturing the irons. The clog making skills used are those skills that have been passed down from generations of Walkley Clogs clog makers. Many of our older clog customers will remember Gordon and Nelson real lovely characters, and John who only recently retired a few years ago.. and not forgetting Arthur who up to 86 years of age still worked making the Walkley clogs for two days a week.
Maude clog sole workers
Nelson Rush clog maker.
Other outlets for the company included the famous Lakeland Bear brand teddy bears, all of the bears that were dressed in clogs was made by Walkley Clogs. Members of the new model army pop group and consequently many of their fans are also traditional clog wearers whom Walkley Clogs supplies.
A large percent of clogs today are still used for the industrial market. Large companies such as Corus take regular supplies, as does heavy industries such as glass works and foundries. In fact the company regularly supplies around a hundred different industrial customers throughout the U.K . The requirements are stringent, so all Walkley Clogs Industrial Clogs are tested up to the EN 345 standards. This gives the firm a strong marketing advantage, which has helped it penetrate the Netherlands market: Dutch clogs do not meet the required European standards. The safety clogs are at least twice as strong as a normal safety boot, and are designed to protect worker's toes and soles. They are made from locally- sourced leather and, typically, beech wood. Different soling materials are attached to the wood according to the environment in which the safety clogs will be worn. Traditional horseshoe shaped irons are still screwed onto the bottom of clogs, but more often now a full rubber is glued and screwed onto the wood soles, or the traditional shod is used. Clogs of the traditional British design, a leather upper on a wooden sole have actually been worn since at least Roman times. Some historians suggest their origins may go back further still. Walkley Clogs still use the traditional tools for clog making such as clog hammers and lasting pincers which would have been used by all clog makers for century’s, in towns and many villages through out the country. Although usually associated with the folk of Lancashire and Yorkshire, clogs were actually worn throughout the country, indeed around the world.
A pair of Walkley clogs being used in the foundry.